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Monitoring climate change with the support of local communities in the Northwest Territories

– By Andy Vicente-Luis, Emma Riley, Elyn Humphreys, Philip Marsh, William Quinton, Oliver Sonnentag –

Arctic-boreal regions are warming rapidly, with increases in surface air temperatures over double the global average (Meredith et al., 2019). This warming leads to cascading effects on Arctic ecosystems, including loss of seasonal snow cover (Derksen & Brown, 2012), the melting of glaciers and ice sheets (Noël et al., 2018; Onarheim et al., 2018), changes in hydrologic regimes (Beel et al., 2021), shifts in vegetation dynamics (Kolk et al., 2016) and permafrost thaw (Jorgenson et al., 2006; Schuur et al., 2008).

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