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Front cover of Volume 44 Number 4 of the CMOS Bulletin SCMO, August 2016. Cover shows a painting by Phil Chadwick. Read cover story on page 2 for full description.

CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol. 44 No. 4, August 2016

In this issue of the CMOS Bulletin SCMO, Phil “The Forecaster” Chadwick shares his opinions on the current state of weather forecasting, Maeva Gauthier provides photographs and an update on the exciting “FishEye” outreach project, and David Collins discusses a time-saving method for modelling uncertainty. You can also read a report on the results of an expert forum on ocean data management in Canada, and look at some of the photos and highlights from CMOS’ annual congress, held in June 2016 in Fredericton, NB. Smaller news items, book reviews, members updates, and event notifications are also included.

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CMOS congress 2016, fish eye project, modelling uncertainty, weather forecasting

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