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Meteorological Masterclass Webinar Series

The Royal Meteorological Society has joined with the University of Reading to offer a Meteorological Masterclass Series providing training for professionals working in Meteorology and Climate Science....

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Webinar on IFMS and its Value Proposition

The International Forum of Meteorological Societies is holding a Webinar on “IFMS and its Value Proposition: achievements, plans and challenges”. Since IFMS is a conglomeration of Meteorological Societies...

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New CMOS President: Marek Stastna

New CMOS President: Marek Stastna CMOS President, Marek Stastna During the June 23, 2020 54th Annual General Meeting, CMOS welcomed its new incoming President, Marek Stastna. Marek received his PhD...

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CMOS Statement on Racism: A Time to Act

We witness with anguish the violent and fatal results of endemic anti-Black racism within the institutions of law enforcement in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. The subsequent tributes to...

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