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Cover of the CMOS Bulletin SCMO Volume 44 Number 6, December 2016. Cover Image shows a snowy Arctic scene, two researchers on top of the roof of the PEARL research station adjusting instrumentation. The sun sits low in the sky in the distance.

CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol. 44 No. 6, December 2016

In this issue (Vol. 44 No. 6) of the CMOS Bulletin SCMO, John Stone provides his thoughts on COP 2016 and how to maintain the momentum to act on climate change achieved in Paris in 2015, Joanne Kunkul of CatIQ discusses how Canada’s wildfire risk is changing with the climate, Luke Copeland provides an article on using satellite data to collect surface elevation and mass balance data for arctic glaciers and ice caps in Canada’s north, Richard Davis talks about some of the challenges of working with ocean gliders in the Canadian Atlantic, Dan Weaver shares some of his experiences of working in the field at the Canadian high arctic PEARL laboratory, and the Canadian Centre for Meteorological and Environmental Prediction provide the outlook for the upcoming winter weather. Smaller news items, members updates, book reviews, and event notifications are also included.

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Arctic, COP2016, ocean gliders, PEARL laboratory, wildfires

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