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Cover image is a photograph showing a close up of water crystals on a glass surface.

CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol. 45 No. 2, April 2017

In this issue (Vol. 45 No. 2) of the CMOS Bulletin SCMO, David Phillips provides several articles in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday on Canada’s early weather service and the various weather events of 1867. Kenneth Devine shares a piece on the history and development of the Nipher rain gauge, and Robert Jones and Richard Asselin write about some of the historical elements of CMOS, including the formation of the Society, as we celebrate our 50th year. Marco Markovic and colleagues from Environment and Climate Change Canada give their outlook for the spring weather. Short interviews by Sarah Knight with three of the authors – Lucie Vincent, Xuebin Zhang and Nigel Roulet – of some of the most-cited papers in CMOS’ flagship journal Atmosphere-Ocean are also included, as are several smaller news items, book reviews, members updates, and event notifications.

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CMOS history, Nipher, spring weather

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