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Cover image is a photograph of a man walking away from the camera down a deserted, flooded, city street.

CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol. 45 No. 3, June 2017

In this issue (Vol. 45 No. 3) of the CMOS Bulletin SCMO, Jim Hamilton discusses real time ice-ocean observations for the changing atmosphere in the Arctic, Phil “The Forecaster” Chadwick talks about the history of weather forecasting, and extracts from an interview with CMOS member and leader of the BC Green Party Andrew Weaver can be read. Jim Young provides his entertaining and thought-provoking insights on the subjects of “lawnmowers” and “cow wind”. Short interviews by Sarah Knight with three of the authors – Knut von Salzen, Norman McFarlane and Guang Zhang – of some of the most-cited papers in CMOS’ flagship journal Atmosphere-Ocean are also included, as are several smaller news items, book reviews, members updates, and event notifications.

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Andrew Weaver, arctic atmosphere, history of weather forecasting, northwest passage, ocean forecasting

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