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Cover image of Bulletin Vol. 45 No.6 shows a pickup truck driving across a deserted snowy landscape, with mountains and a setting sun in the rear.

CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol. 45 No. 6, December 2017

In this special Arctic issue (Vol.45 No.6) of the CMOS Bulletin, Jim Drummond and other members of the Probing the Atmosphere of the High Arctic (PAHA) team offer an update on Canada’s Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL), Arctic researcher and photographer Dan Weaver shares some of the images that he has captured while living and working in Canada’s Arctic, Jon Abbatt and other principal investigators of Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) program projects discuss the fundamental need for sustained climate research funding in Canada, and Helen Joseph gives a great overview of Arctic research events happening in Canada and around the world in 2018. CMOS President, Wayne Richardson, discusses the new electronic Bulletin and some of CMOS’ other public engagement efforts, as he puts a call out to CMOS members to make a renewed effort to share their knowledge. Marko Markovic and Kevin Gauthier from the Canadian Meteorological Centre in Montreal provide the seasonal outlook for the winter 2017/18. Two books receive comprehensive and positive reviews by members – “Weather in the Courtroom” by William Haggard, and “Nonlinear and Stochastic Climate Dynamics” by André April. Several smaller news items, member’s updates, and event notifications are also included.

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Dan Weaver, Jim Drummond, Jon Abbatt, Marko Markovic, Wayne Richardson

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