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Vol.46 No.1 cover CMOS Bulletin

CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol. 46 No. 1, February 2018

In this issue (Vol.46 No.1) of the CMOS Bulletin, David Phillips shares Canada’s top ten weather stories of 2017, Samantha Mailhot of the Human Impact Lab gives an update on the Climate Clock and its message of urgency, and Jim Drummond relates his 30 year involvement with MOPITT – a suite of satellite instruments that orbit the earth to monitor pollution in the troposphere. Paul Kushner highlights the recent impacts by CMOS scientists in advocating for continued climate science funding in Canada, and Sarah Knight takes a look at life at a remote Arctic weather station through the eyes of artist aAron munson as he followed his father’s footsteps to Isachsen. Several smaller news items, member’s updates, and event notifications are also included.

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aAron munson, David Phillips, Paul Kushner, Samantha Mailhot, Sarah Knight

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