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CMOS Call for Awards Nominations

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) AWARDS Nominations Deadline: Feb 15.

February 15th is the deadline for nominations for the CMOS Prizes and Awards. It may seem far away, but it always seems to arrive faster than we thought.

Please take a moment to visit for a list of the eight awards, for instructions on how to make a nomination and then submit something on behalf of one of your colleagues or students.

CMOS has a rich history recognizing deserving persons (members and non-members) through its awards programs. But regrettably, there are many deserving candidates who go unrewarded each year because we were too busy to work up a nomination. Don’t wait – do it now!

Note that any inquiries and all nominations are to be forwarded to the CMOS Awards Coordinator (Denis Bourque) at

2020 CMOS Awards, CMOS Awards Nominations, February 15 Deadline

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