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Polar Knowledge Canada 2018-2019 Funding Announced

Polar Knowledge Canada Announces 2018-2019 Funding for its National Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP): 384 students to gain northern field experience through program

News release from Polar Knowledge Canada. June 14, 2018 Ottawa, ON

Polar Knowledge Canada is pleased to share the funding results of its Northern Scientific Training Program for 2018-2019. $ 916 000 in funding will be distributed to 384 students conducting northern research in programs from 37 universities across Canada and an additional $ 4 000 will be given for four special awards to recognize student excellence.

The purpose of the Northern Scientific Training Program is to encourage and support Canadian university and northern college students interested in northern studies and conducting thesis research, by assisting them to gain field experience and training. The NSTP fosters an exchange of information among scholars in all disciplines with an interest in the Canadian North and helps to develop a commitment to northern work.


“Polar Knowledge Canada’s Northern Scientific Training Program helps introduce student researchers to northern field work, providing them with invaluable practical experience as they develop their understanding of the North in all its complexity. The Agency is dedicated to advancing Canada’s leadership on addressing northern issues, particularly those most important to Northern and Indigenous Canadians.”
Richard Boudreault, Chair, Board of Directors

“POLAR recognizes the exceptional value of supporting Canada’s next generation of northern researchers. It is through continued studies in this domain that we will be able to advance the creation of the new knowledge that’s needed in Canada’s rapidly changing North – to address the issues that Northerners have identified as important.”
J. Scott, PhD, President and CEO of Polar Knowledge Canada

Quick facts

  • Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is a federal agency responsible for advancing Canada’s knowledge of the Arctic, strengthening Canadian leadership in polar science and technology, and promoting the development and distribution of knowledge of other circumpolar regions, including Antarctica. POLAR will operate the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) campus in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
  • POLAR’s Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) supports northern college and Canadian university students interested in northern studies and research by providing them with supplementary grant funding.
  • Universities and colleges whose students receive support from this program are assisted in gaining northern professional experience and training. The NSTP gives students research experience in the North and encourages them to develop a commitment to northern work and issues.
  • The Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) is administered by Polar Knowledge Canada. It was established in 1961 to encourage Canadian universities to participate in training northern specialists to meet national needs.

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For more information, media may contact:
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