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CMOS Bulletin SCMO
Vol.46 No.5, October 2018

In this issue (Vol.46 No.5) of the CMOS Bulletin, you will find an illuminating article from Ellen Gute, talking about her work on the significance of tree pollen for cloud formation. Sarah Knight, Bulletin Editor, interviews Harinder Ahluwalia, president of the International Forum of Meteorological Societies (IFMS) about the role of IFMS and his thoughts on the future of meteorology. A study looking at sources of particulate air matter at the borders of the province of Quebec by Jean-Philippe Gilbert shows that the greatest source of this class of pollutant comes from the region of the Great Lakes. Bob Jones gives his review of the new book Ice, Nature and Culture by Klaus Dodds. Several smaller news items, member’s updates, and event notifications are also included.

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Bob Jones, Ellen Gute, Harinder Ahluwalia, Jean-Philippe Gilbert, Klaus Dodds

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