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CMOS Bulletin
Vol.48 No.2, May 2020

In this issue (Vol.48 No.2) of the CMOS Bulletin, CMOS President Kimberly Strong announces the launch of the CMOS 2020 Alternative Congress with its 16 virtual sessions, enabling participants to join remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue draws our attention to the skies with Phil “The Forecaster” Chadwick’s Blue Sky Blues or the Three Degrees of Aircraft Pollution article about contrails, which he captures on canvas. Yimei Li shares a case study on the impact of Western Canada wildfires in Visibility Forecast in Wildfire Smoke: An August 2018 Case Study. This is followed by Douw Steyn and Kyle Howe’s timely piece on Air Pollution in the Time of COVID-19, highlighting the need for further research to better understand the level of emissions reductions needed to achieve long-lasting improvement of ambient conditions. We also include several items of interest to members, including books available for review, and more.

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Alternative Congress, Douw Steyn, Kyle Howe, Phil Chadwick, Yimei Li

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