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Photograph shows a table full of certificates and award statues

Seeking Nominations for CMOS Annual Awards

Each year, the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society recognizes significant achievements with prestigious awards and prizes. This tradition started with three prizes during the inaugural Congress of the Society in 1967. Today, there are eight awards, highlighting everything from recent research to life-time achievements. Four awards are restricted to Members of the Society. However, the other four awards are open to members and non-members alike.

Photo shows two men, one is presenting a CMOS award to the other (Martin Taillefer and Paul André Bolduc.
Paul-André Bolduc (left) receiving the 2016 Neil J. Campbell Medal for Exceptional Volunteer Service from President Martin Taillefer during the Toronto Congress (June 2017)

The Selection Committee does not nominate anyone, and so can only work on the basis of nominations submitted by others. That is where you, the reader, become important. The Awards Co-ordinator, Denis Bourque, says “These awards are very prestigious, and recipients join the ranks of many great researchers who have received awards over the past 50 years including climatologist and leader of the BC Green Party Prof. Andrew Weaver, Canada’s “weatherman” David Phillips, and Prof. Gordon A McBean, President of International Council for Science (ICSU). But regrettably, there are many deserving persons who go unrecognised because their colleagues and followers are too busy to prepare a nomination.”

The deadline for nominations for the eight awards is February 15. Please take a moment to visit for a list and description of the eight awards, and for instructions on how to make a nomination. A list of past recipients can be found at

The Society also awards Scholarships open to anyone and Summer Workshops for K-12 teachers. Any inquiries and all nominations are to be forwarded to the CMOS Awards Coordinator, Denis Bourque, at

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