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Weather and Climate: Not what your grandparents knew! – CMOS Webinar

David Phillips, Senior Climatologist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

CMOS Toronto and Ottawa Centre Webinar

Urban floods, ice rains, winter heat waves, interface wildfires, weather bombs, megadroughts – if you think we’ve been cursed and clobbered a lot harder and a lot more often recently, you are not imagining it. It used to be that our weather was “normal” and dependable. Now, more and more Canadians are asking: What’s happening to our weather? If our weather is becoming weirder and wilder are people responsible or is it nature doing this to us? Or both? Maybe we are changing more than the weather. What has become clear is that the Earth is warming, and the number of weather-related disasters is on the rise. We can no longer assume that yesterday’s weather will apply tomorrow.

Time: November 17, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Webinar will take place on Zoom. Please register in advance for this meeting.

David Phillips, Environment and Climate Change Canada, webinar

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